JAIN GAMES (जैन गेम्स )

QUIZ ( क्विज)


Quiz about Jainism with Questions Answers.

JAIN LUDO (लूडो)

Grow your dharmik knowledge and enjoy a simple game of Ludo with your family & friends.

( सांप सीढ़ी )

A modified game of Snakes & Ladders to help understand the cycle of life in Jainism.

RIDDLES ( पहेलियाँ )


Fun Riddles about Jainism with answers.

A Non-Profit Effort

Made with the hope to grow Jainism by Asha Sethia ( Masters in Jainism)

This is a 100% Non-profit venture with the sole motive of spreading Jainism & helping people understand the religion in Depth through fun activities & Games.

The games have been designed after hours of research by Mrs. Asha Sethia. We hope that the content can motivate everyone from children in pathshala’s to Ladies in kitty parties for learning more about Jain Religion.

If you need any other games, or anything that you did not find here, you can contact us and we will try to design that also.

Approved by Jain Gurus & Acharayas

All the information provided on this website has been made and approved by knowledgeable gurus. Our founder Asha Sethia has a Masters in Jainism and has developed all the content herself. So, you can rest assured by the authenticity.

The only purpose of this site is to spread valid and correct knowledge about Jain Dharam. If you have any suggestions about the game , please contact Mrs. Asha Sethia at ashasethia64@gmail.com .